Sunday, May 10, 2015

Maurice Pourchon

Astro Databank provided very accurate details of Maurice Pourchon. Some information about him is also available on Wikipedia.

1st and 8th lord Venus is debilitated with neechabhanga due to Jupiter (owns the sign where Venus gets exaltation) being in a quadrant from lagna. However, as any experienced astrologer would say, there is no such thing as "cancellation". Neechabhanga would only reduce the effect. Shadbala for Venus is also low. 3rd lord Moon is not very strong either. Overall, it appears that the native has medium longevity (madhyama ayurdaya). The native lived for close to 59 years.

Jupiter is a definite maraka for this horoscope (owns 8th house and is placed in natural 8th house and 7th house from Lagna). Ketu, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Rahu are all marakas due to various reasons. Of these, Venus, Mercury and Sun are functional benefics and less likely to cause harm to the native. That leaves Rahu and Ketu. The native was going through Rahu/Jupiter Ashtottari dasa until 1995-06-26 and departed on 1995-06-23. Ashtottari dasa seems to be quite accurate w.r.t predicting time of death.

The native's political career was vibrant between 1965 and 1986. All of this period falls between Saturn and Mercury Vimsottari dasas. They are yoga karakas for Taurus ascendant.

Dara (wife) karaka and 7th lord Mars is in gandanta and natural dara karaka Venus is debilitated. The native was widowed. 

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