Friday, February 8, 2013

Diane Varsi

Diane Varsi is a Hollywood actress who suffered from nervous breakdown. Here are a few interesting aspects of her horoscope.

  • 10th house has well-placed Venus and Mercury. Sun in the 10th house strength too. Note that Venus represents arts and Mercury represents excellence in arts. It is expected that the native would do well in arts. Even from Moon, 10th lord is between Venus and Mercury.
  • Debilitated Moon and debilitated Rahu together. Moon represents mind and Rahu represents black-magic and apasmara (forgetfulness). Moon and Rahu being close indicates easily depressed mind. In this case both of them are debilitated. Moon has cancellation of debilitation via Venus (owner of the sign in which Moon gets exaltation) but he is also in gandanta. So, he is very weak.
  • From Moon, 5th lord is debilitated (albeit with cancellation) and 5th house has two malefics.
  • Scorpio represents addictions. Since the combination of Rahu and Moon occurred in this sign, I would have expected some sort of addiction. From lagna, this is the 7th house. So, I would think that she was at least longing for a good life-partner. Neither of that seems to be true.
  • From lagna, 7th house has Rahu and Moon while from Moon 7th house has debilitated Ketu with the aspect of Saturn. Her marriages did not last too long.
  • From lagna, Jupiter and Saturn have exchanged signs. They are the 9/10th and 11th lords. Jupiter has cancellation of debilitation (by the virtue of being exalted in Navamsa). So, during Ve/Ju dasa she got fame and wealth.
This is a horoscope where many things look obvious and many reasons appear for what has happened. The most important thing to notice is: when Moon is afflicted, especially due to Rahu, it could result in depression.  Venus and Mercury give a career in arts. It is another case study of Neechabhanga Rajayoga.

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