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Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse is a famous writer of the 20th century. His popular work based on Indian spiritual journey "Siddhartha" is very well known. I have a few observations about his horoscope.

  • 3rd house has Saturn, Mars and Rahu together. 3rd house represents taste. Saturn represents intoxication and astringent things, in general. Note that Saturn is retrograde besides being associated with Mars who represents bitter taste and Rahu who represents extremes/obsession. These indicate the native's alcoholic nature. Hermann was known to be an alcoholic through most of his life.
  • The 5th lord Mars is hemmed between retrograde Saturn and Rahu. His Shadbala score is very low. For Dhanurlagna, Mars is the 5th lord (represents mind). In general, Mars, as the owner of Mesha/Aries, represents the head. Since Mars is afflicted so badly, the native was frequently depressed. Note that Mercury is also in the junction of Gemini and Taurus. Mercury represents one's intellect.
  • Upapada (UL) has three malefics with the 7th house seating Ketu in his own constellation. There is benefic aspect of Jupiter (who is himself in Ketu's constellation and retrograde). But that does not seem to have helped much. Overall, his marital life was never happy.
  • 8th house has 6th lord Venus. While Venus could be beneficial for financial reasons, it also means that his difficulties seem to have come through women.
  • Neither Jupiter nor Mercury is very strong. But their samasaptaka in quadrants seems to have helped the native in creative writing. As much as he suffered from depression, he had written very good spiritual stories. In D-10, Jupiter and Moon in the 10th house being aspected by Saturn has helped the native to gain great fame. In D-10, Rahu and Mercury are in the 3rd house. Rahu indicates passion and Mercury indicates writing/analytic thinking.
  • One of the most interesting things in the horoscope is that an overwhelming majority of the planets are in the constellations of Sa, Ra, Ma, Ke. Sun, Mars, Rahu, Maandi, Gulika are in Rahu's constellation. Moon, Venus, are in Saturn's constellation. Mercury is in Mars' constellation. Jupiter, Ketu are in Ketu's constellation. It looks like a strong karmic bond drove the native through out his life.
Let us look at the timing of the major events in his life.
  • 4th house represents mother. The 8th lord (Moon) is in the 4th house indicating troubles to mother. I had expected health and other problems to mother during Moon dasa or the dasa of a planet who is in Moon's constellation. However, his mother passed away during Mercury/Rahu dasa. From the 4th house (assuming that's the lagna of the mother), Mercury owns quadrants and did not lose that maleficence. Rahu is with the 2nd lord (Mars) and hence a maaraka. So, Me/Ra dasa is bad for the mother. 
  • Mercury and Rahu are in the 11th house from 4th house in D-12. Mercury is the 2nd lord from 4th house too so both the planets are maarakas for the mother. And finally, both of them are in the 6th house from the 4th lord.
  • His first marriage happened during Me/Ju dasa. It's not surprising given that Me, Ju and Su are the only three planets affecting the third house. I think that there is a small error in the time of birth. In Navamsa, neither Jupiter nor Mercury influence the 7th house. If the time of birth is a 1 minute 1 second earlier, then Jupiter is the 9th lord aspecting the 7th house and very capable of bestowing marriage.There are more reasons to believe that the time of birth is off by a minute or two. But it'll become too verbose to discuss them all. One point is that his wife had an episode of psychosis which is usually the characteristic of a negatively placed Rahu.
  • His sons were born in Me/Ju (Jupiter aspects 5th house), Ke/Ke (Ketu aspects 5th house and has the aspect of Jupiter also), Ketu/Mars (Mars is the 5th lord). 
  • Ketu's influence on the native is unpredictable. Ketu has given children to the native but in Me/Ke dasa, the native's father died. In D-12, Ketu is in the 12th house from 9th house.
  • Venus, being the 6th house in the 8th house, should have given good results, at least financially. But, he gave trouble through women (divorced his first wife). In Venus/Mars, he has given his most famous novel Siddhartha. Note that Mars is the 5th lord (mind) in 3rd house (initiatives) in D-1 and is in 5th house in D-10. However, since Ve and Ma are in 6-8 relationship in D-1, I did not expect that it would give good results.
  • Ve/Ra gave him second marriage. If the lagna in Navamsa falls in Cancer, then Rahu is in the 7th house. Venus is in (7th lord) Saturn's constellation. Notice that Rahu and Venus are in 6-8 relationship. His first marriage happened during Me/Ju who are in 6-8 relationship too. The second marriage ended in Ve/Ju dasa. They are in 6-8 in D-1 chart.
  • Again, a little unexpectedly, he passed away during Rahu/Jupiter. Rahu being a strongly placed malefic associated with the 2nd lord, is expected to give maaraka results. But Jupiter who is in Ketu's constellation was, I did not expect at the first sight.
Overall, the timing of events is not very clear in this horoscope. But the basic points like addiction, depression, interest in writing, difficulties in marriage are fairly clear. It's hard to completely understand what the planets are indicating, even for the best of the astrologers. After all, that's what distinguishes God from mortals.

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