Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hendrik Antoon Lorentz

Sometimes you look at a horoscope and everything is crystal clear. Sometimes you look at a horoscope and hate your inability to understand even the basics. This is a horoscope that completely confused me. 

Hendrik is a probably the best Dutch scientist ever. Einstein held him in such a great regard and even said "For me personally he meant more than all the others I have met on my life's journey."

Here are the factors that confused me the most about his horoscope.
  • Mars and Rahu are in degree conjunction. Rahu is exalted and Mars is not that strong in the horoscope. Even in D-9, the 7th house has Mars and Rahu along with Sun. It should indicate serious health problems for his wife (7th lord in 8th house in a degree conjunction with Rahu; hemmed between Saturn and Rahu). The Wikipedia article does not mention anything like that.
  • Mercury is in gandanta and does not have any benefic aspect. If at all, the combination of Saturn, Rahu and Mars aspecting Mercury would make things much worse. In addition to that, Mercury is in Ketu's constellation and vice-versa. Given that Mercury and Ketu are enemies and Ketu signifies lack of head, it is even more a problem. When Mercury is afflicted in this manner, the native would have had serious problems in learning sciences -- which cannot be further than truth.
I thought that maybe D-24 would show something clearer. There is nothing remarkable there either. Jupiter and Mercury being in 6x8 relationship indicates ordinary learning abilities. 5th and 6th lord exchange indicates negative things too. I'm lost.


I discussed this horoscope further with my respected seniors. Here is what they had to say:

  • Mars is Atmakaraka and placed in his own constellation. Rahu is along with him. Rahu indicates passion. Mars indicates electricity. 8th house indicates research into eletrodynamism/relativity. These planets being together indicates that the native had strong karmic carry over to pursue research in this field.

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