Friday, December 7, 2012

Devotion to Lord Siva - Examples

Continuing from the blog post about spiritual inclination, I've decided to analyze a few charts.

In figure-A, you see a D-9 chart. Atma Karka in the chart is Sun. He is placed in Virgo along with Ketu and Saturn. According to Jaimini Sutras (Sutra#102: ravi ketubhyaam sive bhaktah), if Sun and Ketu are placed in Karakamsa Rasi (the sign in D-9 where Atma Karaka is placed), then the native will be devoted to Lord Siva.

This native has imbibed devotion since his childhood. Until he was 32 (end of Sun dasa), he was devoted to Sun. But then he realized that his ishtadevata is Lord Siva and started worshiping Him since then. It's a discussion for another day as to why Moon dasa resulted in devotion to Sun.

In figure-B, you see a D-1 chart. Moon and Saturn are on Visakha-3rd pada. Lagna lord is exalted in the 9th house. Saturn and Moon association usually leads to a kind of vairagya [Note-1] and interest in Vedanta (possibly Advaita). Here it is more indicative since they are together in Visakha-3rd pada (owned by Jupiter). The most important point in this horoscope is: Lagna lord is exalted in a trine, Moon is in a trine, Sun is in a friendly sign in a quadrant. This forms Sri-Kantha Yoga indicating devotion towards Lord Siva and tolerance towards other religions. In my humble opinion, Advaita is as tolerant as it can get towards all regions.

Sri Rama Krishna once said that devotees of Vishnu tend to be bhakti yogis where as devotees of Siva tend to be jnana yogis. It seems to be true in this case.The native is also a student of Advaita philosophy.

Note-1: Saturn along with Moon can result in many things depending on how strong each of them is. It could mean negative thinking, inclination to cheat, selfishness or thriftiness, renunciation etc.


  1. Sir i have saturn of capricon in 12th house from atmakaraka sun in navamsa and and on saturn there is drishti of moon which is of cancer, so what it indicates?

    1. It's hard to judge from just these two factors, Manu. Try applying the combinations that I mentioned from various texts in some of my posts, yourself.


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