Sunday, November 11, 2012

Anfinsen Christian

Birth details of the Nobel prize winner, Anfinsen Christian are on astro-data-bank. He won Nobel prize (along with 2 others) for his work in Enzyme Chemistry. He wrote at least one book. He was married twice. He changed from Christianity to Judaism. He died of heart-attack, aged 79.

Lagna lord is in the 7th house (a quadrant) aspecting the lagna. He is not very strong in a neutral sign in D-1 and enemy sign in D-9. His placement in other divisional charts seems to have given some strength. 2nd and 7th lord Mars is debilitated in the 10th house. 10th house is a good placement for Mars since he gets dikbala. He has cancellation through Jupiter from Moon, causing NBRY.

5th house has Mercury in a friendly sign in Jupiter's constellation. And Jupiter is in Mercury's constellation in his own house. This placement of Jupiter and Mercury in each other's constellation indicates good education. Note that Mercury and Saturn are placed in each other's signs. Saturn is the owner of 4th, 5th houses and Mercury is the owner of the 9th house. Both are functional benefics and their influence on the 5th house gave excellent academic skills to the native. According to Jataka Rahasyam by Vidvan Lakshmi Narasimha Rao, when Jupiter and Mercury are in dvirdvadasa (one in the 12th house from another), if one of them is in an own sign, it gives a Vidya Yoga. It seems to fit here. 2nd lord in 10th house aspected by Jupiter (both in Mercury's constellation) indicates a profession involving studies and teaching (2nd lord indicates speech, 10th house indicates profession).

For Libra lagna, the yogakarakas are Mercury (9th lord), Saturn (4th, 5th lord) and Moon (10th lord). In this horoscope, there is no relationship between them. Clearly, Mercury and Saturn are related (exchanged places) and Saturn and Moon are related too (samasaptaka). These planets are capable of giving excellent results. While Moon dasa came early on, both Saturn and Mercury dasas came fairly late in his life (at the age of 68 years). So, the planets in their constellations are capable of giving those results. Sun (Saturn), Mars (Mercury), Jupiter (Mercury), Ketu (Saturn), Rahu (Moon) are such planets. If you notice, all the dasas the native has run through are capable of giving good results. Venus (by the virtue of owning 1st house), Sun (in Saturn's constellation, lost his functional maleficience by being placed in a bad house, conjunct with another functionally malefic planet), Moon (natural malefic owning 10th house, aspected by Yogakaraka Saturn, placed in Lagna lord's constellation), Mars (2nd lord placed in the 10th house in 9th lord's constellation), Rahu (a friend of Lagna lord, placed in 10th lord's constellation), Jupiter (placed in 9th lord's constellation, aspected by Yogakaraka Saturn), Saturn (4th, 5th lord -- Yogakaraka aspected by 10th lord, exchanged houses with 9th lord), Mercury (9th lord aspected by 2nd lord placed in the 10th house, exchanged place with Yogakaraka Saturn). Even, Ketu dasa, if it had come during his life time would have given him good results (since he is in Saturn's constellation). These explain the extremely successful life he has had.

There are two other intriguing aspects of this horoscope. The first one, why did he change his religion? Usually, religion has to be deciphered from the 9th house, Sun and Jupiter. In this horoscope, all of these look alright. Even in D-9, these look alright. I do not have an answer for this yet. Note that he mentioned that although he converted to Judaism, he has a strong quotient of agnosticism left in him. His primary reason for conversion was his second marriage. That brings us to the second question, why did he get divorced? It is not a mystery that he married during Moon/Venus dasa given that Venus is in 7th house in D-1 and owning the 7th house in D-9. However, he was divorced during Jupiter/Venus dasa. How could the same planet give different results during different Mahadasas?

His death due to heart attack, is not very surprising. 4th sign (Capricorn) represents heart of the Kalapurusha. Two malefics there with the aspect of 6th lord is a strong indication. Lord of that sign, Moon, is in the 6th house from there. 4th house has a malefic (Rahu) with its lord placed in the 6th house from there. Some astrologers are of the opinion that Leo and Sun are responsible for heart. He died during Jupiter/Sun dasa -- both of them are placed in the 6th house. The influence of 6th lord on Sun seems to have caused this. Again, this needs further study.

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