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Adolf Von Baeyer

The first ever Jew to receive a Nobel prize, Adolf Von Baeyer was a German Chemist. His birth details are available from astro-data-bank. His biography is available here. He lived for 81 years before succumbing to seizure.

Lagna lord is debilitated in the 3rd house. But the lord of that house (Venus) is placed in the same house and Saturn is exalted in the same house. This gives some strength to the planet but cannot compensate for debilitation.

There is a confusion about how Neechabhanga (NB) happens. When the lord of the house in which a planet is debilitated is in a quadrant from Moon or Lagna, NB definitely happens. This combination is not present in this horoscope. The second rule is what is confusing. There are two schools of thought. It is easier to explain them with an example What better example than the one at hand.
  • One school says that the lord of the house in which the debilitated planet (Sun) gets exaltation (Mars) must be in quadrant from Moon or Lagna. In this case, both of them hold true. This is what B V Raman suggested in his book, "A Catechism of Astrology". 
  • The other school states that the planet who gets exaltation (Saturn) in the sign where the planet in question (Sun) is debilitated must be in a quadrant from Moon or Lagna. In this case, neither of those happened.
Given that the native has reached great peaks in his career, it is unlikely that his Lagna lord is debilitated without cancellation. So, I would go with the first rule. Nevertheless, it would be a good pursuit to do an empirical study of which rule applies better. With NBRY, clearly this horoscope becomes stronger. Sun has cancellation through two means.

The other Rajayoga in this horoscope is also clear. 9th lord Mars and 10th lord Venus are placed in own houses, have exalted planets with them (Ketu, Saturn respectively). Most importantly, they aspect each other's houses. The association of 9th and 10th lords, how much ever indirect it is, is very powerful in bringing success and fame to the native.

Another important Yoga is the degree conjunction of Mars and Mercury -- the 9th and 2nd lords. This is a great Dhana Yoga (shows prosperity). It must be noted, though, that both of them are in Rasi Sandhi (border of two signs). So, they may not be able to give their complete results.

In order to get around the NBRY dilemma, we could also analyze this horoscope from Moon. That is because, out of the Lagna lord (Sun) and Moon sign lord (Saturn), Moon sign lord clearly dominates (exalted). From the Moon sign too, most of the above arguments apply. Mars and Venus are just 7 degrees apart. In addition, 2nd lord Jupiter is aspecting the combination of Venus (Yoga Karaka), Saturn (Lagna lord) and Sun (7th lord). This is a good Rajayoga.

Saturn (exalted 1st lord in 10th lord's constellation), Mercury (5th lord in conjunction with the 10th lord), Venus (well placed Yoga Karaka planet in 2nd lord's constellation, boosted by the presence of exalted 1st lord) are capable of giving good results for Aquarius ascendant (Moon sign). From the Lagna, Yoga Karaka planets are Mars, Jupiter and Sun. Since these dasas did not come during his prime, the planets in their constellations would give those good results. Mercury (in Jupiter's constellation), Venus (in Jupiter's constellation), Saturn (in Mars' constellation) are those planets.

One important commonality between Adolf Von Baeyer and Christian Anfinsen is that both of them are chemists. In Christian's horoscope too, 10th house is associated with Mars and Ketu (in Saturn's constellation) in a watery sign (Cancer).

A simple point about this horoscope is: Sun and Saturn are the Lagna and 7th lords both from Moon and Lagna. They are together with a benefic aspect (Jupiter). 7th house (or 1st house from Moon) has a benefic (Moon) presence/aspect. It appears that Venus (as the lord of 4th house (comforts) and 9th house (dharma, duty) from Moon) has given marriage to the native.

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