Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thoughts on Charlie Sheen's horoscope

Charlie Sheen is one of those few people who admit to what they are. He is addicted to drinking, smoking, drugs and sex. And he pursues them relentlessly. He is good looking and an excellent actor (at least as far as comedy goes). Here is what I think of his horoscope. The data is gathered from astro-data-bank.
  • Venus is the karaka for sexual drive. The stronger he is, the more self-controlled a person will be. Here, he is debilitated. The lord of the sign is Mercury who is very weak himself because he is in gandanta (11th minute of Leo). There is no benefic aspect to Venus. He is in Mars' constellation. The state of Venus in D-9 is also important.Venus is weak in Sun's sign and is aspected by Mars.
  • The 8th and 12th houses are important because they represent a person's secret matters and bed pleasures respectively. 8th house is aspected by Jupiter and Moon both of who are natural benefics. However, 12th house is aspected by both Mars and Saturn, with no benefic aspect at all. That Jupiter is aspecting both the planets reduces the harm, but Jupiter is very weak himself.
  • Both Saturn and Ketu influence the 7th house indicating an unsatisfactory married life. Ketu is in Saturn's constellation too, and is in Vargottama. In D-9, lagna lord and 7th lord are in shashtashtaka indicating marital discord.
  • The most astonishing thing about the horoscope is the Jupiter/Moon near-degree opposition. While both of them are functional malefics, their natural beneficence is what probably gave him his charming personality (looks, the way he talks etc.). This is my guess.
Now the question: What would I have predicted if this horoscope was shown to me without telling me it was Charlie Sheen's?

Debilitated Venus (as B V Raman notes in his book Hindu Predictive Astrology) without a good cancellation almost always indicates extra-marital affairs. 7th house Mars and Shashtashtaka in D-9 indicates marital discord. By these two, I would have thought: "This person has extra-marital affairs and that leads to unhappiness in his married life".

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