Friday, July 20, 2012

Analysing marital life - 1

There are several factors in a horoscope that need to be considered before judging the marital happiness of a native. In this series, I'll share my experiences with some example charts.

The most important factor to look for is Shashtashtaka. It means 6-8 relationship between two planets. In this context, it means 6-8 relationship of the lagna lord and 7th lord. This merely indicates strong differences of opinions with spouse. So, it is incorrect to conclude a divorce based on just this.

In chart-1, lagna lord (Me) and 7th lord (Ju) are in 6-8 relationship (Ju is in the 6th from Me, Me is in the 8th from Ju). So, differences with spouse are indicated. Furthermore, in D-9 (indicates marital life), lagna lord (Ju) and 7th lord (Me) are in 6-8 relationship again. Notice that Mars and Saturn are in the 1st house in D-1 (Rasi chart). Effectively, the 7th house is aspected by 3rd, 8th, 6th lords. Again in D-9, Mars and Saturn aspect the 7th house.

We could take Moon as the reference point instead of lagna in both D-1 and D-9 charts. Still, there is 6-8 relationship between 1st and 7th lords. Since Ve is the karaka for marriage, the 7th house from Venus could also be considered. It has two malefics there.

All, this clearly indicates a strong karma from the past. The native got married and headed for a divorce in Sa/Me dasa.

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