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Sex workers - D-30

Today, I recalled reading somewhere that D-30 shows the integrity of a person when it comes to sexual matters. So, I decided to take a look at these horoscopes from that perspective. Note that lagna could change within 4 minutes in D-30. So, kunda sphuta correction is a must for these horoscopes. And only horoscopes with A-rating can be used.

Horoscope-H (1 January 1968 at 18:49; 42n44, 73w41, 5:00 West):

Kunda Sphuta correction leaves us with 18:48:20 hrs. 

Debilitated Venus and Moon in the 7th house which happens to be of Mercury (and Virgo) definitely gives us a strong hint. Note that Venus is the 8th lord in 7th house. Another point to be noted is that Ma, Ra and Ke are in the 2nd house. All of them are in nakshatras belonging to one another. And Rahu is in gandanta.

Horoscope-I (30 June 1937 at 00:12; 43n39, 79w23; 4:00 West)

Kunda sphuta correction gives us 00:11:40. 

Ma, Ve have exchanged houses in D-1, which is a clear hint of promiscuity. In D-30, Ma, Ve are together in 5th house while 10th lord is retrograde in the 12th house (represents bed pleasure). Still, this horoscope needs a better analysis.
 In D-9, Ve is associated with Saturn, Mars and Moon (from Mercury's sign). We will return to this point later. 

Horoscope-J (26 July 1942 at 02:10; 39n54, 75w15; 4:00 West)

Kunda sphuta correction gives us 2:11:10 hrs.

Interestingly, the third horoscope that I've seen today also has Ascendant in Pisces in D-30. And Sa is directly associated with lagna. In this horoscope, the 8th lord is in 10th house. Like I said before, Moon, Mercury and Venus association seems to be dangerous. In this particular case, Moon and Venus are together with Ju, Ra, Ke and Sa aspects this combination. Ju is a natural and functional benefic for Pi Ascendant. So, he can be left out of the equation. The relation of 10th house with Ra, Sa and Ke while Ve, Mo are in that sign is a fairly strong indication of the character of this girl.

Horoscope-F (17 July 1967 at 23:37 42n31, 70w53, 4:00 West)

Like I said before, with exalted Jupiter and Sun in 5th house, I would never have thought that this girl could be of dubious character. Also note that the native made the "highest grades in her school's history" due to a well-placed mercury and strong benefics in 5th house (memory, intelligence).
After a second look, these are the new observations (corrected time: 23:37:50):
  • Moon is debilitated, in Scorpio (represents sexual organs of Kaalapurusha). Well, that's the only place where Moon is debilitated anyway.
  • 8th lord is twined with Rahu and Ketu who are in each other's stars (indicating some strong curse from last birth). Note that the 4th house retrograde mercury (even though responsible for education) in Rahu's star stopped her education abruptly. It followed Ketu's dasa who also is in Rahu's star.
In D-30, the three planets that signify a snake are together in the 2nd house which makes me wonder if this curse is in her family.

Not very surprisingly with Sun and Jupiter in the 5th house, the lady did give birth to a baby boy in 1985 (May 19th). Note that the Ketu/Sun dasa started on May 9th 1985. Sun is in Jupiter's (putrakaraka) constellation.

Even now, the horoscope is more than 40% a mystery.

Horoscope-G (June 27 1965 at 23:45 98W26, 34N41, 6:00 West)

Yet another D-30 with a clear hint between debilitated Moon, Venus and Mercury. While a weak Jupiter is aspecting Venus, Mercury combination, there is no malefic aspect on Moon. 10th lord is debilitated in Scorpio with Venus and Mercury (Ve owns the 8th house) aspecting him.

Pisces seems most affected in this chart -- with Ra, Ke situated in there and Sa, Mars aspecting. This is a relationship that's worth exploring.

Horoscope-D (29 March 1946 at 05:05, 36n10, 86w4, 6:00 West)

3 out of the 4 strong malefics in the 4th house is a sure-shot statement about her character (although (Me) is in his own house he is debilitated and a weak retrograde Jupiter cannot help much). In D-30, Ve and Ma exchange places and here we see again -- Mo and Venus together.

Horoscope-E (30 October 1948 at 11:47, 34n04, 118w15, 07:00 West)

Kunda sphuta correction gives us 11:49:30.

In D-1, we see Mercury, Moon, Venus combination in the 10th house, which is a hint. In D-30, we notice that the lagna has many malefics (Ra-Ke, Sa, Gu), with the 4th house hosting Mars. Furthermore, a debilitated Venus in the 10th house and 10th lord in 12th house (Scorpio!) gives us a strong hint too.

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