Monday, April 16, 2012

Sex workers - 4

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Horoscope - H

I have no idea how the above two horoscopes could belong to prostitutes. A few horoscopes just blow your mind away, and the above two did that to me.


This is more like it. Lagna falls into Taurus. Mars and Rahu in the 4th house clearly indicate questionable character. Mars is a definite (functional) malefic for Taurus and he fell in line with Rahu, Ketu axis (who are in each other's constellation indicating a strong previous karma). For Taurus, Saturn is a sure functional benefic especially when in lagna and friendly sign. Since he aspects 10th house, the native would have done well if his dasa had come (which it did not, yet). The dasas that have come to her after becoming an adult are all functionally malefic dasas (Moon has the blemish of being 3rd lord, Mars is 7th and 12th lord, Rahu has constellation-relationship with Ketu).

In D-10, there are further evidences. 10th lord Mars is in 3rd house with its lord debilitated. Venus, the 4th and 11th lord i.e., a functional malefic, is debilitated. A debilitated 3rd and 12th lord did not help the cause much either.

Overall, this horoscope has some evidence but it is not very obvious.

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