Monday, April 16, 2012

Sex workers - 3

Continuing from the previous post.

An interesting observation is that in the horoscopes we have seen so far, there is none with Mars, Venus exchange either in the D-1 or D-9 (or D-10 for that matter). To me, that's a surprising.


Astrology is no simple trick. Notice that Jupiter is exalted along with Sun in a common friend's house. 1st and 10th lord Jupiter is with the root of Dharma (Vargottama Sun) in a trine (represent good karma). How would anyone suspect that this horoscope belongs to that of a sex worker? To add to that 4th lord is in his own house with no malefic aspect whatsoever. Venus is in Ketu's star with no malefic aspect whatsoever.

A tiny hint that one would observe is that Moon is debilitated. He does not have cancellation through Mars who is weak himself. One could reverse-engineer a solution: 10th house from Moon has the argala of Mercury and Moon but by no means is Chandra lagna stronger than lagna in this horoscope.

Moving to D-10 gives us another suspicion, Mercury, Moon and Venus are together in Venus' sign and Jupiter aspects the combination. Sun and Jupiter have exchanged places here. So, it is still strange that the native resorted to such a questionable profession. If Chandra lagna is considered, then we have a clue: 10th lord is Mercury and Venus.

Overall, this is a puzzling horoscope of which my understanding seems to be only 10%.


A strong connection between Mercury, Moon and Venus is evident. Venus and Mercury are in Moon's sign and Moon is in Venus's sign. Both Mercury's signs have malefics in them and he is in gandanta himself. Mercury is therefore very weak. 10th lord Mars is in his bitter enemy's house being aspected by Jupiter.8th house represents sexual organs and secret matters. But, it also represents struggles. So, it is incorrect to deduce that in any horoscope, just because the 10th lord is in 8th, the native will choose prostitution. So far the hints are minimal.

Jupiter is a clear malefic for the horoscope since he owns 2nd and 11th houses. He, being in 4th house, seems to have spoiled the character. Further, 6th lord Moon (exalted) seems to have spoiled it further, especially after the exchange with Venus (who is now in unfriendly sign). If I'm judging this right, any two functional/natural malefics in the 4th house seem to spoil the character a lot. Furthermore since they aspect the 10th house, it could have implications about the kind of profession the native chooses. In this horoscope, Rahu is close to Jupiter and hence supposed to give the same results that Jupiter would give. It is in Rahu dasa that the native has picked up this profession.

In D-10, lagna changes in 31 seconds. Correcting by Kundasphuta and taking the nearest point, we get the correct time of birth as 23:43:35. So, the lagna falls in Libra. In the 10th house, we notice Mars and Rahu. This indicates a profession involving cruelty. 8th lord in 7th (a lot of secrets with partners, problems through them), debilitated Sun in Lagna (lack of morals), debilitated 7th lord in 10th house (involvement of spouse/sexual partners in profession) -- all these are subtle hints at the profession.

Note that the native did not marry (yet). The ashtakavarga points of the 7th house in D-1 are very low -- and that seems to hint it.

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