Sunday, April 15, 2012

Predicting father's profession

Today, I came across yet another interesting case of predicting father's profession. The following is the D-12 chart of a native.

Lagna is in Scorpio. 9th house (father's lagna) is assumed to be in Cancer. The 10th house from there (Aries) represents his (father's) profession. Notice that the lord of that house is in Jupiter's house (friendly sign) with a strong aspect by Sun. Mars and Sun are indicators of Mathematics and Engineering (together). Sun indicates government. And Venus is placed in Aries. Venus represents water.

At first, I thought that the combination of Venus and Ketu indicates something to do with vegetables or meat because Venus represents life and Ketu represents trouble. When I came to know that the native's father is employed, it was fairly clear that he was an engineer. But when it was revealed that he was an engineer in PWD, I realized the indication of Venus there. It would be hard to deduce anything about Ketu's influence there without knowing much about the nature of native's job.

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