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Sex workers - 1

I'm trying to analyze the horoscopes of three sex workers (A, B, C) to see if there is a pattern.

Note that I have consciously decided to do away with the "rules" written down in classics because, they are only indicative and should not be used literally. Doing that would be a gross mistake and could probably lead you into believing that every woman on earth, including those in your family, are of questionable character. The following analysis is purely based on the fundamental tenets of astrology and some intuition.

It would be insane to use the conclusions of this analysis to analyze other horoscopes without testing them on some negative cases (i.e., horoscopes of normal women).

One should note that the data provided in astro databank could be incorrect (even though they are Rodden-AA rated). For instance, a town like Berlin extends over 1000 sq km. Obviously, the latitude and longitude data could be wrong. With these caveats, let us proceed to some analysis.

Horoscope A (Lagna is Vrschika, Moon is in Magha~1):
  • The thing that took me by surprise is Jupiter in Lagna in both D-1 and D-9. It is indicative of a family-oriented, God-fearing individual. This is one of the reasons that made me think that the data is inaccurate. Note that with a 1 degree change in latitude or longitude, the lagna in D-9 changes. So, let us ignore this fact.
  • Scorpio is the 8th house of Kalapurusha and represents sexual organs. According to Prof. BV Raman, even Jupiter in Scorpio could lead to perversion. With nearly 360,000 children being born on each day (i.e., ~30,000 per lagna) it would be stupid to assume that everyone born in Scorpio is of questionable character. So, this can be seen, at best, as a 1% indication.
  • Since the native has associated herself with three questionable professions, the 10th house bears significance here. 10th lord Sun is in Kanya, with the lord exalted along with Mars in Moon's constellation. These are a good indication that the native had something to do with women. (Moon is female planet, Mars in female horoscopes indicates opposite sex, Moon is in the 10th house.).
  • 10th lord Sun (religion) is very close to Rahu (apostate) indicating lack of respect towards religion. Again, Rahu is in Moon's sign. Furthermore Sun is hemmed between Rahu, Mercury and Mars -- all malefics indicating that the profession is of unclean nature. He is also aspected by Saturn devoid of any benefic aspect.
  • Both of Moon and Venus are in 10th house. Venus represents sexual union by nature and is of more significance here since she is the lord of 7th (marriage, partners) and 12th (sexual comforts) houses. The excessive influence of Moon on 10th house is something that needs to be studied with great care (I could not decipher it yet). 
  • Also, one should take into consideration that Venus and Moon are in Ketu's constellation, and Ketu could indicate abstinence. Ketu could also indicate promiscuity. So, we need another way to resolve this dilemma. Let us turn to D-10 (assuming that the time of birth has an error < 3 minutes). 7th house has Ketu, Saturn and Mandi -- three first class malefics indicating that her partners are of evil/deceptive nature. If you take Neptune, Pluto and Uranus into consideration, then Pluto, Uranus and Gulika in the 4th house needs to be accounted for, as is the presence of Neptune in the 7th house. Apart from that, I fail to see any other hints.
  • Since D-9 represents dharma of an individual along with her married life, it would be useful to look at that. From Moon, the 7th house is badly afflicted Gulika, Ketu are in there with an aspect by debilitated Mars and Moon. Furthermore, the lord of 7th house (Venus) is with Saturn. Again -- no benefic aspect although all malefics are associated with the house. It is a clear indication of lack of marital comfort. From Lagna perspective, Rahu being with Sun in 9th house is a small hint -- that the native may not be "good" by religious definition. 

In this horoscope, the association of 10th lord with all malefics without any benefic relationship in D-1 and the affliction of 7th house from Moon in D-9 are the sole hints. These are reasonably strong hints and could be taken seriously to judge if what the native does is accepted traditionally.

Horoscope B (Lagna is in Mithuna, Moon is in Sravanam-3):
  • Gulika and Mandi in Lagna is a point note-worthy. Mars aspects Venus  in D-1, D-9, D-10, D-30. It does indicate the very sexual nature of the native. Jupiter confused me here again. He is in the 10th house (own sign). He has the influence of the 8th lord. Apart from that nothing looks suspicious with the 10th house in D-1 from Lagna.
  • The 2nd house (family) is completely spoiled. Moon is hemmed between Saturn and Ketu in the 8th house. Saturn is the 8th lord and is extremely strong in his own sign. 2nd house has Mars and Rahu. All these aspect Moon with no benefic aspect.
  • In D-9, the 4th from Moon has the 8th lord Saturn in 4th, 6th lord Mars in the 7th, Ketu in the 8th house, Sun in the 12th. So, all the houses related to chastity have malefics associated with them. (Lagna could be in Mithuna too, I but I used Kundasphuta to rectify the time with least change. If you move Lagna to the other side (i.e., towards Capricorn) all these points apply from Lagna too.).
  • In D-10, Venus (represents women, sexual union, arts) along with the 8th lord (Mercury) in the 10th house is a slight hint. In the past, for such combinations I have correctly predicted signers/dancers. So, it is not a rule. The aspect of Mars from 7th house distinguishes the cases to some extent.
Overall, another horoscope in which it is clear that the native does not have a happy married life. But there are not enough evidences to suspect that the native is a sex worker.

Horoscope C (Mithuna lagna and Moon is in Uttarashadha-2):
  • In D-9, 4th lord Venus is in 12th house along with Moon (female planet) indicating high sexual desire. And 4th house has Saturn and Mars indicating that the character may be questionable. 4th house in D-1 has Mars although he is aspected by Jupiter.
  • It is important to note that Jupiter (10th lord) is in the 12th house with Rahu forming Guru Chandala yoga (disrespecting religion) which is reinforced by the Rahu, Sun combination in the 5th house in D-9.
  • In D-10, 10th house is connected with all the malefics (Rahu in the 10th house, 10th lord Moon is with Mars (exchanged with Mercury), Gulika and Saturn.) However, Moon has the benefic conjunction of Jupiter.
There are some other details when you consider A-10 etc. But IMHO, the more the parameters the more the confusion. When there are nadi astrologers who could tell many things precisely based on just the natal D-1 chart, there is not much of point in increasing the number of parameters.

In this horoscope, it is clear that the native has some unusual career connections and spiritual choices. But there is nothing that I could read that would clearly tell that she is of questionable character.

I will continue this analysis with more horoscopes in my next post.

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  1. me too gone through all those charts on tat site , as per my observation most of the chart wat is noticed was saturn aspecting 12th which is bed pleasures out of 10 charts 5 has tat alignment another thing is 4th house bad affectly mostly by rahu & sat ..


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