Saturday, January 14, 2012

Count forward or backward?

Maharshi Jaimini has given us the following sutras:

  • prāchīr vṛttirvishamabhēshu
  • parā vṛttōttarēśu
  • na kvachit
These sutras roughly translate to:
For odd signs, you count forward and for even signs you count backward. Occasionally, you do not.
Clearly, this set of sutras can be a little confusing. So, let us try to analyze this with the help of D-7 in a few horoscopes:


This horoscope belongs to a gentleman who got married during Sun/Ketu. He has two children: a boy born in Sun/Venus, a boy in Moon/Jupiter (just as the native was entering this dasa). His wife had an abortion in his Moon/Moon dasa.

The noted time, and corrected time are fairly close. So, the above charts can be taken as they are.

In D-1, there is no relationship whatsoever between Sun, Venus (dasa, antardasa lords at the time of first child's birth) and the 5th house. However, in D-7 they are in the 5th house (Taurus) -- in the same sign as in D-1. Sun/Venus dasa gave him a baby boy.

The 2nd child would correspond to Cancer in D-7. However, the lord of that sign is in the 6th house from his house and is aspected by Mars. There is a malefic in that house (Ketu), and lord is in Ketu's nakshatra. So, this could have lead to an abortion in Moon/Moon period (Moon owns Cancer).

The 3rd child would correspond to Virgo, owned by Mercury and occupied by Jupiter and aspected by Mars. Lord of that sign is with Moon, and Moon/Jupiter dasa gave him another baby boy.

To add more evidence, his in first boy's horoscope Jupiter is in Lagna and Venus is in the 7th (Notice that Taurus has strong association of Venus and Jupiter). In the second boy's horoscope, Jupiter is in Lagna and Mars is in the 8th house (Notice that Virgo has Jupiter and is aspected by Mars. Lagna has argala by Mercury in the 5th).

All this is good. If we are to follow Jaimini sutras literally, then for the even sign Capricorn (La in D-7), we have to count the children backwards. So, Vi corresponds to the 1st child, Cn for 2nd and Ta for the 3rd. But that does not answer many questions. So, it appears that for this horoscope, we need to count forward (clockwise) from Cp.

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