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Ramana Maharshi

Sri Ramana Maharshi is a true Advaitin who realized brahman and gave up the false identity. He was a jeevanmukta (liberated while dwelling in the material body) and a muni of the highest order. His philosophy is absolutely the same as Adi Sankara's -- Advaitam. We do not need to study his horoscope to know whether he is a liberated soul or not. Rather, we need to refine our knowledge of astrology by studying his horoscope.

Prof. B V Raman is the idol for every astrology born after him. A man of great integrity and immense knowledge of Vedic astrology, his words are backed by the wisdom of our holy sages. He discussed the horoscope of Sri Ramana in his great book "Notable Horoscopes". While trying to reproduce the chart that he drew in the book, I got a slightly different one in Jagannatha Hora. It could be due to Ayanamsa difference. The new chart is below:

Event: Birth Time: 1AM, Date: Dec 30 1879, Place: Tiruchuli (Tiruchuzhi) Ayanamsa: Lahiri Chitrapaksha

Surprisingly, I got Virgo ascendant. For Lagna to move to Libra in this chart, it would take ~13 minutes. I see some reasons to believe that this could be Sri Ramana's actual horoscope (i.e., ascendant is not Libra). I am by no means a person who can/will/should doubt or question his accuracy in anything. What worth is a fly in front of the Airavata? I could be wrong, and would be happy to stay corrected.
  • 6th and 7th lords exchange can lead to a bad marriage. 8th house Mars delays the marriage of a native for a long time (strongest Kuja dosha for men). Saturn in 7th house also delays marriage. Put together, Sri Ramana was never interested in marriage. Also, Jupiter and Saturn -- both the planets can lead to vairagya. And Pisces and Acquarius are both mystic signs. Exchange of two non-retrograde mystic planets there may indicate a sage.
  • 4th house has two malefics, especially Rahu in the 4th house indicates widowhood for mother. The period during which this happened (1892) is  - Sa/Ke. Ketu is in 8th house from 9th lord and 2nd (maraka) house from 9th.
  • Sri Ramana's mother left her body in May 1922 when he was going through Ke/Ke dasa. Ketu is a strong maraka for the mother of this native because, from the 4th house (Sg), Ketu is in the 7th house along with the 8th lord. If one considers Ketu to be the owner of Scorpio, then he is an even stronger maraka for the mother.
  • In the navamsa, one could see Jupiter and Sun in 7/7 relationship in Lagna. This is a fantastic combination for spiritual progress -- Jupiter in the mystic sign (and again an exchange with Saturn in Sg!), Sun in Lagna -- very strong.
  • Sri Ramana left his body on 14th April 1950. His Sun/Mars period ended on April 8th 1950 (corrected the time of birth to 00:57:10 using Kunda Sphuta). With a little more error in time of birth, it could very well have extended beyond April 14th, in which case it is not surprising at all since Sun is the lord of 12th house and Mars is a strong maraka for Virgo (3rd, 8th lord placed in 8th).

The following points are what make me think that he may not have been a Libra ascendant:
  • According to Parasara (and in my little experience), Virgo ascendant people are thin and of medium height. Sri Ramana certainly was. In my experience, Libra ascendant people are a little stout in their mid-years (e.g., Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Late NTR, Chiranjeevi).
  • Mars is aspecting lagna and Sun, Rahu (both fierce planets) in 3rd house would make the native extremely aggressive. On the other hand, if we assume that the lagna is Virgo, Venus and Mercury in 3rd house would make the native very soft spoken. 
    • One could counter-argue stating that a sage has to be stubborn to not fall for societal pressure but my point is: either lagna or Moon has to be strongly related to Saturn in a sage's horoscope -- which is possible only for Virgo ascendant. Saturn also gives stubbornness.
    • Another counter-argument would be that two soft planets in 3rd house would make a native coward. However, a strong Mars has a strong aspect on these two planets making sure that the native was not a coward -- but just chooses peace over anger.
  • Venus and Mercury in 2nd house would make a native very humorous, funny and talkative. On the other hand, Sri Ramana spoke through silence (just like Dakshinamurti). He could be funny when he wanted, but he was not a continuous speaker unlike many other gurus.
  • Jupiter in 5th house would give good education, especially when he was going through the dasa of the  5th lord (Saturn). Sri Ramana dropped out of school early. For Virgo ascendant, clearly the 4th house is spoiled -- Sun and Rahu are malefics, lord of 4th house is in 6th house.
  • An article about medical astrology on a website that I do not know much of, seems to think that Pluto, Scorpio, 4th house Sun (in Cancer?) are indicative of Cancer. Sri Ramana had cancer on his arm.
  • If Lagna is Libra, then the lagna lord is in the very beginning of Scorpio -- which means that he does not have strength. Also, he is in an inimical house in navamsa. For a horoscope like Maharshi's, I would expect the lord of 1st house to be extremely strong. If the 1st lord is Mercury, he is in his own star (Jyeshta) and gains strength in navamsa (in a friendly house).
In any case, the most important observation from this horoscope is in sync with what Jaimini and Parasara have said (and holds true for both the chart drawn by Prof. Raman and Jagannatha Hora):

  • The atmakaraka is Moon (remember, Maharshi had very beautiful and peaceful eyes!) and is exalted! In the Navamsa, Ketu is in the 12th house from Atmakaraka (i.e., in jeevanmuktamsa) indicating moksha for the native.
  • Another beautiful combination is -- both Jupiter and Moon are vargottama with Jupiter aspecting Moon in both rasi and navamsa charts.

Another way of looking at what happens to a native's soul when he leaves this body is to cast the chart at the time of him/her leaving the body. I do not know which classic book of astrology put forth this idea, but I remember reading somewhere that you could draw the chart at the time of departing to predict the future of the soul. If you know the exact book/verse, please do let me know about it.

Coming back to the original topic, Ramana Maharshi is a soul of immense wisdom (viveka). Browsing through the wikipedia articles, I came across the time at which he decided to give up his human body. I drew a chart for that time on Jagannatha Hora.

Event: Departure, Time: 20:47, Date: April 14th 1950, Place: Tiruvannamalai

See the following points which indicate moksha:

  • Venus is the 12th lord and is with Jupiter in a quadrant -- this is the first point I wrote in the article about liberation.
  • Atmakaraka is Saturn. In the jeevanmuktamsa, you could see that Mercury is exalted. This seems to fit the verse in BPHS chapter 23 (3rd point in the article under BPHS).
In any case, it is beyond any question or doubt that Sri Ramana attained liberation. My attempt in this article was only to find relevant verses in astrology texts that indicate the same.


  1. Hello Sandeep, searching for Sri Ramana Maharshi, i stumbled upon this article.. Thought of just informing you that i did write an elaborate article on "Punya Chakra" way back in 2006 with my limited knowledge. One extremely interesting & very rare occourance can be seen in Navamānsha of Maharshi's punya chakra (physical death chart). You can find it here >

    Best regards

  2. Thanks, Utpal. Your article is very informative.

    After writing this article, I ended up studying a lot more about Sri Ramana Maharshi. I have now come to understand that the ascendant in his horoscope must be in Libra. I should rectify this article.


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