Sunday, November 13, 2011

An interesting definition of Vargottamamsa

In Saravali, Kalyana Varma states an interesting definition of Vargottamamsa:

The first Navamsa of a movable rasi, the 5th one in a fixed rasi and the 9th one in a dual Rasi are called Vargothamamsa. Should the natal Lagna be in such Vargothama navamsa, the native becomes an important person in his circle.

Divide the number of a sign counted from Aries by 3 and see the remainder. 0, 1, 2 as remainders indicate dual, movable, fixed signs. For example, Aries, Cancer,Libra, Capricorn are movable signs.

We know that the standard definition of navamsa popular today is - if a planet occupies the same sign in natal rasi chart and navamsa, it is said to be in Vargottamamsa. This definition is equivalent to the above. Suppose a planet is in 9th part of a dual sign.

Consider an immovable sign (fixed sign) and a planet in its 5th part. Since fixed signs are of the form 3X + 2, the number of quarter from Aries will be (3X + 1) * 9 + 5 = 27X + 14. The position of the planet in navamsa will be in the sign represented by (27X + 14) mod 12. Note that 12X completes one round of zodiac. So, taking out the factor 24X + 12, this is the same as (3X + 2) (position of the planet in rasi chakra) Similarly, one could argue about the other signs (movable, dual).

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