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Combinations for childlessness

Ārsha sampradaya requires that everyone go through the four phases of life (brahmacharya, gṛhastha, vānaprastha, sannyāsa). An important part of g ṛhastha āsrama is to have children. It is said that a man cannot go to higher planets without having a son, and kanyādāna is the best dāna.

In this post, I shall summarize what different classics say about reasons for childlessness:

From Phaladeepika by Mantreswara (Chapter-12):
  • If Jupiter and the 5th house counted from Lagna, Moon
    • are associated with or aspected by malefics without any benefic aspect or association.
    • are hemmed between malefics.
    • lords of these houses are in 6, 8, 12 houses (counted from the same reference).
  • If a benefic planet is placed in the 5th house which happens to be owned by him or his exaltation sign, the native will have no children.
  • The signs Scorpio, Leo and Virgo, when they happen to be the 5th house, are termed as childless signs. People born in such position (i.e., Cancer, Aries, Taurus ascendants) will have a limited number of progeny and that is after a long interval.
  • The following yogas lead to extinction of the family (i.e., no children)
    • A malefic in the 4th, Venus in the 7th, Moon in the 10th.
    • Malefics in the ascendant, 5th, 8th and 12th.
    • Moon is in the 5th, malefics in the ascendant, 8th and 12th.
    • Mercury and Venus in the 7th, Jupiter in the 5th, malefics in the 4th.
  • Combination
    • A malefic is in the Lagna
    • Lord of the lagna in the 5th house
    • Lord of the 5th house is in the 3rd house
    • Moon is in 4th house
  • Combination
    • Moon is in an odd sign or an odd Navamsa identical with the 5th house (in Lagna chart)
    • Moon is receiving the aspect of the Sun.
  • Procedure to compute whether a native will be able to give birth to children or not:
    • For females: add longitudes of Moon, Mars and Jupiter. If the resulting longitude comes to:
      • Even sign and even navamsa -- the female will be able to produce children.
      • Even sign and odd navamsa (vice versa) -- the female will produce children after a great effort (delay?).
    • For males: add longitudes of Sun, Venus and Jupiter.  If the resulting longitude comes to:
      • Odd sign and odd navamsa -- the male will be able to produce children.
      • Odd sign and even navamsa (or vice versa) -- the male will produce children after a great effort.
    • Note: Although the original text does not mention so, it is understood that if the sum of longitudes falls in odd sign and odd navamsa for a female or even sign and even navamsa for males, the native's physical capacity to produce children will be very low or nil.
  • Another procedure to check for childlessness- subtract five times the longitude of Sun from five times the longitude of Moon. For the result, compute the tithi and karana.
    • If the resulting tithi is an auspicious one, falling in the bright half of the lunar month, the native will have children.
    • During the Amavasya or Chidra tithi or Sthira karana or the karana named Vishti, there will be no issue at all. 
    • Note: The 6 Chidra tithis are Chaturthi, Shashti, Ashtami, Navami, Dwadasi, Chaturdasi. The 4 sthira karanas are Chatushpada, Nagava, Kimstujna. See the examples on astrojyoti to understand how to compute these.
    • Remedies are mentioned in the verses 16-18 of chapter 12.
  • The following two combinations indicate problems in conception:
    • 5th lord is in an inimical sign or debilitation or be combust or is in 6th/8th/12th houses
    • the planet in the 5th house is in an inimical sign (i.e., 5th house is inimical to the planet present in there), debilitation or be combust or owns 6th/8th/12th houses
    • Remedies are suggested in the verses 20-22 of chapter 12.
  • Depending on the planet in the 5th house (according to the above rule), one could assess the curses that resulted in childlessness:
    • Rahu - curse from a serpent.
    • Ketu - curse from a brahmin.
    • Mandi - curse from departed souls.
    • Venus, Moon and Mandi together - due to killing a woman or a cow.
    • Jupiter or Ketu in conjunction with Mandi - due to killing of a brahmin.
    • An overview of the remedies for these curses are in the verses - 23-24.
From Brhat Parasara Hora Sastra by Parasara (Chapters 16, 83):

  • If the lord of the 5th house 
    • is combust or with malefics or with the lords of 6th/8th/12th or is weak otherwise, there will be no offspring.
    • is in the 6th house and the lord of the lagna is with Mars, the native will lose his first child and his wife would not be able to issue another child.
  • The native will not have a son due to a curse from serpent if:
    • Rahu is in the 5th and aspected by Mars
    • Lord of the 5th is associated with Rahu and Moon is in the 5th, aspected by Saturn
    • Lagna lord is with Mars, 5th lord is weak and Jupiter is associated with Rahu
    • Jupiter is associated with Mars, Lagna has Rahu, 5th lord is in 6th/8th/12th
    • Mars, as the 5th lord, is in the navamsa of Mars, and is associated with Mars, Rahu and Mandi are in Lagna.
    • If 5th house falls in Aries or Scorpio and the lord of the 5th (Mars) is associated with Rahu, or Mercury
    • 5th house has Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Mercury; Jupiter, 1st and 5th lords are devoid of strength
    • 1st lord or Jupiter is associated with Rahu and the 5th lord is in conjunction with Mars

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