Saturday, October 1, 2011

Next Life (Rebirth)

From Jataka Narayaneeyam by Vadrevu Suryanarayana Murthy: Note that in the book, he clearly mentioned when he is stating his personal observations.
  • The status of a soul after death must be judged from the 6th and 7th houses and their lords. Jupiter indicates planet of the devatas (daivalokam), Moon and Venus indicate planet of the ancestors (pitrlokam), Sun and Mars indicate lower planets (tiryaglokam), Saturn and Mercury indicate hell (narakam).
  • Although Saturn and Mercury are (functional?) malefics for any horoscope, the following conditions will indicate that the native will reach good(?)  planets:
    • Jupiter is exalted or in his own sign.
    • Saturn or Mercury is in Jupiter's sign in Rasi or Navamsa charts.
    • Saturn or Mercury is strong and Jupiter is in the strong planet's sign.
  • Planets situated in the signs whose nature (Traividyam: movable, immovable, dual) is the same as the signs owned by the planet are strong. For example, Sun is considered stronger when he is in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius (immovable signs) because he owns a immovable sign (Leo). If a planet owns both a movable or immovable sign, then he is equally strong in both movable and immovable signs.
  • According to the Traividyam of the planets, one should predict the country in which the native will be reborn. The period/subperiod of the native at the time of death should also be considered while evaluating this:
    • If Maranakaraka planet is situated in movable sign, the native will be born in a foreign country.
    • If he is in an immovable sign, he will be born in the same place (lit. village).
    • If it is a dual sign, he will be born in a village that is like his native place in this village.
  • If the lord of the 12th house is Jupiter and he occupies the house, the native will reach the planets of his ancestors (pitrlokam).
  • If the lord of the 12th house is Venus and he is along with Rahu in a quadrant, trine, 1st or 12th houses, the native will become a demon (pisacha) after rebirth.
To be continued...


  1. interesting information. I do not know astrology,but have a question, from your posts I gather that you can predict past life and the future life as well. How many lives in past and present can be accessed through vedic astrology - both past and future?
    Would appreciate a reply

  2. Hi Mona

    Astrology has many techniques and methods. From what I have read so far -- you could predict what the next life is going to be like, how the previous life and how many more births are pending before emancipation. There are some classic texts that elaborate on methods to predict these.

    1. Dear Sandeep, thanks for the prompt reply. What i understand from your reply is:
      1)as such we can access only one previous and one future life (if it has to be!). - PL confirm if my understanding is right.

      2)Also from your reply I gather that the no. of births before liberation can be predicted. On this, I have a few questions- every life we will be earning some karma, so how can the no. of lives before liberation be predicted. How will it be impacted by guru's grace

      It will be nice to understand your views

    2. Hi Mona

      Your conclusion 1 is what I think is written in texts. Your question 2 is very good. My guess as to how it works is: the no. of lives could be predicted only for people who are very close to liberation i.e., those who are unlikely go back in the path of yoga.

      A brahmavit guru's grace overrides everything else. Gurussaakshaat parabrahma. If the native is to find a genuine guru in his life, chances are high that he would already have crossed the ocean of karma by then. Otherwise, Guru's grace is hard to get.


    3. is there an indication of finding genuine guru in horoscope?

    4. hope you don't mind all these questions :)

    5. These are good questions, Mona. No genuine seeker of knowledge would mind good questions.

      Yes, meeting a guru will definitely be reflected in the horoscope. A well disposed lagna lord, Sun, Jupiter, 9th lord is a must. Observe the horoscopes of the greatest seers of our times -- Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Mahaswami, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Vivekananda et al. Gurus came in search of those great people. They did not have to go in search for Gurus.

    6. Thanks sandeep. appreciate your patience with the questions. Your reply reminded me of the quote ..."When the student is ready, the teacher appears".
      Thanks a ton. Wish, I knew vedic astrology :)

  3. Hello Sandeep
    How does one predict next life if there are many planets in the 12th house.
    For eg I have Mercury,Venus,Saturn and Neptune in my 12 th house.
    Also no planets are present in 6th and 7th house.
    Kind regards


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