Saturday, May 14, 2011

AstroDiary - Job prediction

My friend met me around February. He already had a job at hand, but wanted a better job. Here is the analysis:

D-1: La, Mo: Le; Ke: Vi; Ve: Li; Sa,Me: Sc; Su: Sg; Ju,Ma: Aq; Ra: Pi
D-10: La: Pi; Ve: Ta; Ra: Ge; Ma, Ju, Mo: Vi; Ke: Sg; Sa, Su: Cp; Me: Aq

Moon was in Magha-2 at the time of his birth. At the time of asking, his Sun dasa had just begun.

D-1: There are no strong yogas at the first glance. No exaltations, no debilitations, no exchanges. It's the same story from Moon since Moon is also in Lagna. From AL, Ju (L9) is aspecting Ve (L2) in the 7th house. This is a good dhanayoga. Here, I concluded that the horoscope has money in it.

D-10: For Pi lagna, Ju (L10) & Ma (L9) together is Rajayoga. Moon is a natural benefic for this horoscope (Tithi on that day was Krishna Panchami), and he being the L5 is good. So, Ju, Ma, Mo in 7th house also indicates a lot of income from foreign countries. This is a further affirmation.

Dasa analysis: The native was running through Su/Su antardasa at that time. In D-1, Sun is L1 in H5. From AL, he is L5 in H9. When malefics become the lords of trines, they become functional malefics. However, trine lords are believed to do  minimal harm (BV Raman). So, Sun dasa is not bad for the native. In D-10, Su is L6 in H11. Normally, any planet in H11 (house of benefits) gives good results (income-wise). So, dasa-wise there isn't much hint. Su/Mo is also good because they are in a good relationship in D-1 (5/9) and in D-10 (5/9). However, Mo is in badhaka sthana for H10 in D-10. So, Su/Su is more indicative.

Gochara analysis: The following are the positions of various planets which will give a job.

Su: 3,7,10,11
Ma/Ke: 3, 6, 10, 11
Ra/Sa: 3, 11
Ju: 2, 5, 7, 9, 11
Ve: 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,11
Me: 2,4,6,8,10,11

Note that each planet must have at least 4 bindus in Ashtakavarga in its current position, and it should not be under any vedha.

Usually, I go from fast moving planets to slow moving planets. Sa in 4th is not good, Ra in 5th is not good. Ke in 11th is good and so is Ju in 9th. Jupiter has 5 bindus in Ar in Ashtakavarga, which is very good. Now, it is all left with Ve, Me, Su, Ma (Mo moves too fast and is checked for finer predictions). Around May 10, Me is in 8th with 4 points, which is good. I could not find a clear indication from Gochara.

Prediction: The native would move to a new job around June beginning (either at the end Su/Su or beginning of Su/Mo).
Truth: The native got a job around mid-April and moved to the new place around mid-May.

Conclusion: I could judge whether the native would get a better job or not. The prediction of time is not grossly wrong either. But, a finer judgement would have made it more satisfactory.

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