Saturday, May 14, 2011

AstroDiary - Ill-health

One of my friends asked me to find out his congenital health issue from his horoscope. I had no clue of what it was since he looked completely alright to me. All I knew was it was not an external problem (like injuries on face, diseases pertaining to limbs).

I do not know much about medical astrology, but with the knowledge I had, I thought, it should not be hard to predict the problem approximately. His horoscope is as follows:

D-1: As: Ge; Ma: Cn; (Ve), Su: Le; Me: Vi; Sa: Li; Ju,Ke: Sc; Mo: Pi; Ra: Ta
D-6: As: Le; Ju, Me: Sc; Ma: Cp; Mo, Ra, Ke: Pi; Sa, (Ve): Ta; Su: Ge

Since his problem is long-term, there is no need to analyze dasa or gochara.

Eyesight: L6 is Ma in H2 (although debilitated, there is a cancellation due to Mo in H10). Ma is also strong in D-9 in own sign. So, Ma is a malefic in H2 (right eye). Ra is exalted in H12. Ve (karaka) is in retrograde and is in 4 degrees distance from Su (combust). From this it is fairly obvious that the native has eye-sight problem. However, he said that there is one more problem other than this.

Ears: H3 (right eye) has its lord in it, with a natural benefic (Ve). H11 lord (Ma) is strong too. Exalted Saturn aspects L11 and the H11. The Karaka for sound is Saturn (A Catechism of Astrology - Q84). Saturn is exalted. So, that does not show any problem either. From this I concluded that it is not related to ear, especially the right ear. (The left ear has relationship with exalted malefic 8th lord (Sa) aspecting both the house and the lord.)

Later he told me that his problem was indeed with his ears (40% hearing loss since childhood). I asked him if he is sure both his ears are equally troubled only to realize that he himself did not know those details.

I consider this a failed case. If anyone of you knows how to analyze hearing loss from a horoscope, please leave a comment. I shall get in touch with you. FYI, I have the horoscope of one more person who had 40% hearing loss since childhood.

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