Saturday, February 19, 2011

AstroDiary - Last week's efforts

From Thursday, I studied a lot of horoscopes and made some predictions. Obviously, not everything was predicted correctly. But, a fair fraction of them were correct. Here is the summary. If you want the details of the complete chart, please let me know.

What went right?
  • The querant showed me a horoscope and asked me if he could marry the native (of the horoscope). The horoscope had As in Vi, Me, Ve in Pi. She had ~5.5 years of Ketu dasa left when she was born. Clearly, L9 & L10 association in H7 indicates great riches and to add to that the native was running through Venus (L2, L9) period for the past ~20 years. I predicted the the native's family would be very rich. The querent confirmed the same and asked if it would lead to problems later on.
  • The querant showed me a horoscope in which the D-1 read: As: Vi; Mo, Ke: Sg; Sa: Aq; Ma, (Me), Ju, Su: Ar; Ra, Ve: Ge. The native is running through Ra/Su dasa. The query was w.r.t her health. My observation was that L6 is in H6, aspecting a combination of 4 planets in Ar. L1 was in H8 with H8 being vargottama. Ma and Me are very close too (~8 degrees of difference). Mars is clearly indicating health issue. Now, we have to check for the specific health issue in three ways: Kalapurusha's body parts (Ar represents head), from Lagna (H8 represents reproductory organs), Karakas (Me represents skin and Ma causes headache). Since the first and the last seem to concur I predicted that the native would be suffering from frequent headache (migraine). The querent confirmed the same. The querent also told me that the native has thyroid. From the book Jataka Narayaneeyam by Vadrevu Suryanarayana Murthy, thyroid is caused by Ju, Me. The link I could find is that both in D-1 and D-6, the Ju, Me are afflicted with a lot of malefics.
  •  The querent's horoscope read: As: Cp; Ra: Pi; (Ju): Ar; Mo, Ke, Ma: Vi; Su, (Me), Ve: Li; Sa: Ar. In the horoscope one can clearly notice that the H10 has Ve, Me with (Ju) aspect. This made me wonder if the native is an artist (singing, dancing). For a singer, H4 should have Venus relationship (it is there) and H2 (voice) should have some benefic relationship. In this horoscope,. the latter did not happen. Nevertheless I predicted that she would be good at some art - maybe singing. It turned out that she is a dancer. The native asked me about her profession. In D-10, the configuration is: As: Pi; (Ju), (Me), Ve: Ar; Mo: Ge; Ke: Cn; Ma: Vi; Su: Li; Ra: Cp; Sa: Aq. H10 is aspected by Mo (Cash), Ma (Math). L10 is strong in H2 (speech) with Me and Ve. In fact, Me and Ma exchanged their places. So, I predicted that she would do something related to finance. Indeed she had a degree in finance although I did not ask her what her current profession is.
  • The querent (who is the native as well) showed me his horoscope generally. I looked at the D-12 to confirm the accuracy of time of birth. H10 from H9 (indicating father's profession) was Vi with Su in Aq and Me in Le. Sa was aspecting Vi from Cn. I felt that the H10 is Me and he is strong in Su's sign, the native's father must be a government teacher. It was confirmed by the native.

    What went wrong?
    • I went wrong when I predicted that a native would be a doctor. It turned out that he is a software engineer. Later when shown a doctor's horoscope, I indicated partnership-type business.  Obviously, I need to study more doctors' horoscopes. Due to my background, I have seen too many software engineer horoscopes and it has created a bias in my mind.
    • Another prediction that I was unsure is again about predicting vocation. The native's D-1 read: As: Vi; Mo, Ke: Sg; Sa: Aq; Ma, (Me), Ju, Su: Ar; Ra, Ve: Ge. The D-10 read: Sa, As: Ta; Ve, Mo: Ge; Ju, (Me): Cn; Ra: Vi; Su: Li; Ke: Pi; Ma: Ar. In D-1, Me is being strongly controlled by Ma. In D-1:H10, you see Ve and Ra. Ve indicates regular jobs. In D-10 too, Sa is in Ve's sign. I thought this indicates teaching profession since Me is involved and Ve shows regular job. But, I went wrong. She was working for an insurance firm. After knowing the answer, one could justify it. But, that's just not good enough.
    • In another horoscope, I saw Sa, Ke in the H10 from H9 (father's profession) being aspected by Ju from Leo by 7th aspect. I predicted that the native's father would be having a business related to iron or oil (Sa). But, it turns out that he has a business related to vegetables. Although this is not out-right wrong like the previous two - there seems to be some missing link here that needs to be studied.
    PS: One may wonder why I don't give the birth details or  print the horoscope in the blog. The reason is simple - to protect the natives' privacy. An extremely intelligent astrologer could probably estimate the date of birth - but only one the other two variables (place & time) can be predicted making it hard to correlate horoscopes with real-world people.


    1. Dear Sir
      Can u post the DOB, TOB & POB of the person without mentioning the names? It'll be easy for us to understand the concepts with their horoscopes & other divisional charts.

    2. Neeraj,

      I'm sorry but I can't post the birth details on my webpage because, from the birthday one could figure out the name of the person - at least in my friend circle. If you want the details of any particular horoscope, please email me at prk dot sandeep aat gmial


    Please don't post your birth details here and ask me about your future. Please don't try to argue against the validity of Vedic Astrology.