Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Predicting father's profession

D-12 tells about one's parents and grandparents. I have seen about a dozen horoscopes, where a method for predicting father's profession has been fairly accurate. H9 in D-12 represents father's lagna. H10 from that house (H6 from the Lagna in D-12) represents father's profession. Depending on the planetary influence on that house, one could predict the native's father's profession. Similarly, one could predict mother's profession as well.

I have selected a few of the following horoscopes from my database - arbitrarily. I avoided taking siblings' horoscopes since they point to the same father.
  1. D-12: As, Ma: Ta; Ra, Ve: Ge; Ju: Cn; Sa, Mo: Le; Me: Li; Ke: Sg; Su: Cp. The lagna for father will be Cp. All the houses mentioned here are with respect to this.
    1. In H10, we see that Me is strong and she is exchanged with Ve in H6. Sa aspects Me. Me is also L9. L9 in L10 indicates something to do with parental property. Earth is governed by Me. Water is governed by Ve.Sa aspecting indicates hard-working. He is also L2 - L2 aspecting L9 in H10 indicates that it is a family property coming by inheritance that causes work for the native. It could be something related to agriculture since earth, water and hard-work combination is seen.
    2. It must not be forgotten that an exchange of quadrant and a dusthana results in something bad. Then native often took loans for maintaining his farm and it resulted in losses most of the time.
  2. D-12:  As: Cn; Su: Le; Ra, (Ju): Vi; Ma: Li; Mo: Sg; Ve: Cp; Ke: Pi; Sa, Me: Ar. Again, lagna for father (H9 in D-12, Pi) is considered the first house for the following discussion.
    1. L10 is in Me's house and H10 is occupied by Mo. Me indicates mathematics and Mo indicates hard cash or priesthood. Ju indicates academic intelligence. Put together, this person may be involved in accounts or business. But, there are no yogas like association of lords of quadrants and trines - making high-profile business unlikely.
    2. L2 & L9 (Ma) is in H8 with L12 in H2 indicating loss of family's property through father.
  3. D-12:  As: Aq; Ve, Ma: Pi; Su, Ra: Ar; Me: Cn; Sa: Vi; Ke: Li; Ju, Mo: Cp. Father's lagna will be Li. This will be our reference.
    1. Note that the H10 has Me in it, with Mo & Ju aspecting. This combination, just like the previous example, leads to cashier/accounts kind of job. Note that although for Li, Mo-Me association is a wonderful yoga, Ju is L6 causing bhanga to this yoga.
    2. Furthermore, L2 is in H6, with exalted L8, who is also L1. This indicates loss of family property through oneself. No prize for guessing that the native of this example is the father of the native of the previous example.
  4. D-12:  As: Vi; Su, Ve: Li; Mo: Sc; (Sa), Ke: Aq; Me: Pi; Ju: Ta; Ra, Ma: Le. H9 falls in Ta, which is our reference from now on.
    1. Note that L10 is strong and retrograde in his own house. Ma & Sa aspecting the H10 indicates a profession where hard orders have to be made. It is a good yoga for Ta. Going by "A Catechism of Astrology" by Dr. Raman, Parasara declared that Ke owns Pisces. This is intuitive as well since both Pi & Ke are related to Moksham. Sa, Ke association will make it L10, L11 association in H10 which indicates business. Two cruel planets in H10 indicate the possibility of it being a metal-related business. Sa rules oil and iron. I predicted that the native's father would be doing iron related business. It turned out that he does alloys business.
  5. D-12: As, Ma: Cp;  Sa, Ve, Ke: Pi; Ju: Ta; Me, Mo: Le; Ra,Su: Vi. H9 falls in Vi, which is the reference for the following discussion.
    1. Note that the L10 (Me) is associated with Mo - both of who are strongly placed in a friendly sign, Le (owned by Su) and the H12. Something that involves mathematics (Me), finance (Mo) and government (Su) is a government bank job. I predicted the same and it was right.
    2. Later the native asked me what I would have predicted if this horoscope was shown to me before banks were established. I said, since Me is the ruler of earth among primordial elements and Mo indicates agriculture/business, I would predict income through lands and agriculture. The native told me that they indeed own land and get money through annual lease.
    3. Exalted Ma (L3, L8) aspects Me, Mo with 8th aspect. In an isolated situation, if strong Mars is related to H10, it indicates a job where tough decisions/orders have to be made. However, for Vi, Ma is functionally strong malefic.So, it would indicate difficulties in job rather than power.
Please let me know if there are horoscopes that contradict the above observation.


  1. Your notations are not so clear or some of the notaion or messsed

  2. Bhargava

    Which particular example are you referring to? The notations I use are described in: http://jyotishachandrika.blogspot.com/2010/02/acronymsnotations-in-blog.html

    I know these are not standard, but writing down "the lord of tenth house from the ninth house" is too verbose. It's easier to say "L10 from H9".


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