Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Karma from the past life

One of the biggest disappointments of my life is that I could not spend enough time with my father, whom I love so much. In the name of education, I stayed away from him for most of the time. He left this world in less than 3 months after I finished my bachelors and joined a job. I wanted to find out from my horoscope what karma I had done in my past life that I was given this unfortunate curse. It is not a matter of curiosity. It is a matter of repentance. Today, I decided to check my D-60 and it looked obvious.

From an intuition point of view, one would not have father's association, if one ill-treated his father in the previous life. i.e., his father was good to him, but he was not reciprocating it. My D-60: As: Ta; Ke, Me: Ge; Ve: Le; Ma: Sc; Su, Ra: Sg; Ju: Aq; Sa: Pi; Mo: Ar. Let us try to analyze this. Interestingly, this is a fairly straight-forward horoscope to analyze.
  • Lagna lord is in H4 indicating one's good relationship with mother. Ve in H4 indicates that the native is inclined to physical comforts.
  • Although, there is Ju, Ve 7/7 relationship in H4, L4 is in H8 with Rahu. This means that the native's education was not so good.
  • L2 and L11 (Ke) are in H2 - he was born into a rich family. L10 & L11 are exchanged indicating that the profession is business.
  • L7 is Ma and is placed in H7. This indicates a very dominating wife. L1 & L7 are in quadrants mutually indicating that the native got along well with his wife - although his wife dominated him.
  • L9 is in H11 indicating that the father was favorable to the son. But, L1 is in H4 in 6/8 position with L9 (and H9!) indicating that the native did not get along with his father despite his father's favors. 
  • Su in H8 indicates difficulties for father. However, H8 is Sg - a friendly sign for Su. So, the father may have faced difficulties yet lived long. This could translate to: father lived long, but son did not take care of him in difficult times.
The last two points are what I was looking for.

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  1. My pranamas Sandeep. I'm a vedic astrologer from Brasil ( and i appreciate your work. Is good to see astrologers sharing his experiences and analysis. I hope we can share some knowledge mutually.

    May Sri Krsna bless you.

    Jai Hari


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