Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AstroDiary - Rift between parents

One of my brothers asked me to look at a horoscope w.r.t marriage. When I looked at it, there were other interesting things in it. For the interested readers...

D-1: As, Me, Ve: Cn; (Sa), Ma: Li; Mo, Ke: Sc; (Ju): Sg; Ra: Ta; Su: Ge

Since the query was related to marriage, my eyes fell on retrograde Sa and Ma being in H4. This obviously indicates a long delay in marital happiness. But, thereon I went tangential. Note that Sa is L8 (causer of difficulties) exalted and conjoined with another natural malefic Ma in H4 (mother, peace of mind). This indicates a lot of problems to mother.

Q: Is the mother alive? I noted that Ve (L4) is vargottama and is fairly strong. The karaka for Mother, Mo has cancellation of debilitation and is in a strong sign. So, that is not the problem.

Q: Is the mother separated from kids? The relationship between L1 and L4 is 1/5 (trines) - which means the mother and native get along well. The karaka (Mo) is in H5, indicating no strain in the relation between them.

Q: Is the father alive? Note that L9 is in his own sign (Sg) and very strong. The karaka for Father, Su is in a friendly sign. So, the father would be alive.

Q: Is the relationship with father fine? L9 is in H6 indicating problems with father. The karaka, Su is in H12 indicating no benefit from father. Here, we got the clue. Now, I noticed that L4 (mother) and L9 (father) are in 6/8 relationship -- that's the answer. The parents would not get along well bringing difficulties to mother. Since L4 is in H1, the mother would be nice to the native. So, the kid did not get along with father.

Q: Could I verify this through another means? Yes! Relationship with parents must be verified from D-12. It read: Mo, Ma, As: Ge; Ve: Cn; Ra: Vi; Me: Sc; Su, Ke: Pi; (Sa): Ar; (Ju): Ta.

Note that L4 (Mother) and L9 (Father) are in 6/8 indicating a strained relationship between parents..However, L9 is in H11 indicating benefits from father for the native. So, father may have monetarily benefited the native, but incurred wrath otherwise.

I asked my brother if this was the case. He spoke to the native and confirmed the same.

Conclusion: A bad relationship between parents will be evident in the children's horoscopes. For this, both D-1 and D-12 must be checked with great care. L4, Moon represent mother; L9, Su represent father. The relationship between these would be bad in either of these charts, if it is the case.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder how spiritually strong the Rshis were 2000 years ago - to give such a divine science to us without using even a telescope. May Jupiter show the path to all of us.

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