Saturday, November 20, 2010

AstroDiary - Predicting Job

The second most common question people ask me is pertaining to their profession. I have read various books in connection to this. There are two aspects of this - 1. Which profession will I get into? 2. When will I change my profession (i.e. get a job, switch a job etc.)?

There are several things to keep in mind while judging these things. In Feb 2010, my friend asked me when he would be getting a job. Fresh from the success of Gochara applications, I was tempted to apply Gochara and told him that he should get one in May. Days passed by until mid-Oct and he did not get a job. That's when I realized that I am not applying something right. I rang up my grandfather and asked him his opinion.

As soon as I read the chart (Sg: As, Cp: Ju, Ar: Ra, Cn: Mo, Vi: Ma, Li: Ke, Sc: MeR, Sa, Su, Ve; D-9: Mo in Vi), he said that it is a rich horoscope and the native may settle out of the country. I predicted as much since there is a slow moving planet(Sa) in H12; NBRY for Ju and Su-Sa combination for Sg is rajayogam itself. Then he asked me what the query was - and I told him it is about job. He asked me the current Vimsottari dasa for which I said, Me/Ra. Immediately, he said - "Don't even ask me about it until that period finishes. If he can stay there until the end of this period, he will get a job".

So, the point is this: Me is L10 in H12, Ra is in 6/8 relationship with him and is in H8 from H10. This shows a lot of struggles in profession. Then, I corrected the native's time of birth using his father's profession etc. and concluded that the period ends on Oct 28th 2010. The native got an unexpected interview call from a local company on Oct 28th. On 29th Oct, he was offered a full-time position. He joined the company shortly after that.

The moral of the story is this: Gochara definitely shows effect - but Vimsottari dasas cannot be ignored altogether. Only when Vimsottari dasa is favorable, Gochara can help in identifying the precise month of the event. Prof. B V Raman reiterated this point multiple times in his books. But, as the saying goes - the naive one learns only after failing.


  1. good one sandeep.. quite interesting and nice to know that you predicted even the date very accurately!

  2. Satvika, we must not be carried away by this. In general, even very experienced astrologers cannot predict the date accurately. My only claim was that he would get a job sometime immediately after Oct 28th 2010. It is by chance that the date turned out to be exactly so.

    Any credit in the predictions of any astrologers would only belong to the great sages who gave us this divine knowledge apart from their spiritual power.


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