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How to predict problems with in-laws?

Please read this to know the acronyms used in this blog post. Notations specific to this post are: FIL: Father in law; MIL: Mother in law; SIL: Sister in law; BIL: Brother in law.

In our society, it is a known thing that most women/men do not get along with their in-laws. However, some of these cases go a little over-board. How do we predict that a girl/boy does not get along well with her in-laws?

[VAAIA] tells us that D-9 is the chart that must be used to check matters related to spouse and his/her family members. In general, to predict a bad relationship one must check for the following:
  • ShashTaashTakam between lagna lord and the lord of the house corresponding to the relative (father/mother/wife/siblings et al).
  • 6th/8th lord in the house corresponding to the relative.
  • Debilitated planet in the house corresponding to the relative.
  • Lord of the house corresponding to relative being debilitated in a house.
The two important houses to check are: 3rd house (for relationship with father of the spouse and his family members, in general) and 10th house (for relationship with mother of the spouse).

These are neither necessary, nor sufficient conditions to conclude anything. But, these are very strong hints. D-1 chart must be analyzed carefully before concluding anything from D-9.D-9 changes very fast (every 10 minutes) and the accuracy in place of birth is also very important. So, please verify the time of birth and place of birth well, before venturing into judging the horoscope.

The following are some examples:

Ex-1: (Girl)
D-9: As, Sa: Ar; Ra/Mo: Ta; Ve,Me: Cn; Ju,Ma,Ke: Sc; Su: Aq
L3 is in H4 and L1 is in H8, the relationship between them is healthy. So, the native may not have any problems with FIL.
L10 (Saturn) is debilitated in H1. So, the native's MIL may behave meanly with her. Also, since L1 is in H8, the native would be adamant. L10 is in H1 and L1 is in H8 constituting a 6x8 relationship.This leads to a bad relationship between MIL and native.
Indeed, the native did not get along with her MIL so much that the MIL had to move out of her son's house.

Ex-2: (Boy)
D-9: Mo: Ta; As: Ge; Ve,Su,Sa,Ke: Vi; Ju: Sc; Ma: Cp; Me: Aq; Ra: Pi
L1 is strong in H9. This may translate to the native having immense respect for elders and interest in spiritual progress. L3 is in H4. There is a 6x8 relationship between them. This leads to a bad relationship between his FIL and him.
L10 is in H6 which indicates problem with MIL. It could be that the native has differences of opinion with his MIL or his MIL is in financial/health troubles. In D-1 too, L10 is in H6 for the native. There is no 6x8 in either of the charts between L1 and L10. So, we can not conclude that it is a bad relationship.
The native indeed could not get along with his in-laws and rarely visits them.

Ex-3: (Girl)
D-9: Su: Ar; Ra: Ge; Ma: Cn; (Me): Le; Sa: Vi; Mo,Ke: Sg; (Ve), Ju: Aq
L1 (Su) shares a good relationship with L10 and L3 (Ve).  Further (Ve) is strong and aspects H1. So, there should be no problem with in-laws.
This native never had (major) issues with her in-laws, who live together.

Ex-4: (Girl)
D-9: Su: Ar; Ra: Ge; Ma: Cn; (Sa): Le; As: Sc; Me, Ke: Sg; Mo, (Ju): Aq; Ve: Pi
L1 is in H9 indicating that the native respects elders and tends to be spiritual. Although he is debilitated, the lord of Cn is in H4 from lagna causing cancellation. L3, L10 are in good relationship with L1 (not 6x8).
Although L10 (Su) is in H6, he is very strong, and it is a sign of L1. So, the evidence is not strong enough to conclude a bad relationship with MIL.
11th house from H7 represents the elder siblings of the native's spouse. It can be seen that the lord of that sign (Pi) is in 6x8 relationship with L1. So, the native may have problems with the siblings of her spouse.
The native never had problems with her parents-in-law. However, she had a lot of problems with her sisters-in-law. Just for the record, even if the Lagna moves to Li (happens when there is a +2 minute error in the time of birth), the whole argument applies.

Ex-5: (Boy)
D-9: Ma: Ta; Me, Ve, As: Ge; Ju: Cn; Ra, Su: Le; Sa: Sc; Ke: Aq; Me: Pi
L1 is in H10 and L3 is H3. They share a 6x8 relationship. So, the native may not get along with her in-laws.
The native never got along with his in-laws and the relationship always remained sour. The native is 82 years old now.

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