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Timing events with Gochara - Examples

Most of the dasa/antardasa combinations in Vimsottari are for about a year or more. Pratyantardasa helps us dig further, but it is very dependent on time of birth. So, narrowing down the time of an event becomes hard. In such times, Gochara comes for help. I use Gochara (Transit) if I have to predict an event to the accuracy of months.

Two things need to be checked before confirming an event by Gochara. First, we must check whether the planet which is aiding the event has a Vedhaka. Second, we must check if the planet has a rekhas less than 4 in sign (where it is currently in transit) in the Bhinna Ashtakavarga chart (BAV) of natal chart. If either of the above is true, the planet can't be relied on to give the result. Gochara must be always checked with respect to Moon's position in Natal chart. However, in my humble experience, it also applies from Lagna. In this post, however, I am not going to consider Gochara from Lagna.
I always check Gochara in the descending order of the time taken by a planet for transiting one rasi. So, it will be: Sa, Ra, Ke, Ju, Ma, Me | Ve | Su. Moon moves too fast and is favorable at least twice in a month, in general. So, I check her at the last.

Here are a few examples of Gochara helping identify events in a native's horoscope. If I consider a planet 

Example-1: Job. The native asked me when she would get a job.
Horoscope: As, Sa, Ke: Li | (Ju): Cp | Ra: Ar | Ve, Mo: Ge | Su, Me, Ma: Cn
Basic analysis: The native has Mo, Me conversion (L9 and L10) which gives her Rajayoga. The period she was going through was Sa/Me (about 3 years). Me being a functional benefic to Librans, the dasa/antardasa are in her favor.
Gochara analysis: For money in flow, I normally check Ve, Me, Ju. And for success at work (promotion etc.) Ma and Su need to be considered. In this particular horoscope, during the 2nd week of Feb 2010, Ju and Ve are in the H9 from natal Moon. Further, Moon is also favorably positioned in H6. None of these planets has a  Vedhaka and all of them have more than 4 rekhas in their respective positions in BAV. The results for the above transits is indicated as: Success and Wealth. So, I concluded that she has a good chance of getting a job in that week. It turned out to be true,

Example-2: Illness. The native asked me to guess when he would've been severely sick during the last few years.
Horoscope: (Ju), As: Sg | Ra: Ta | Mo: Ge | (Me), Ve, Su: Le | Sa: Li | Ma, Ke: Sc|
Basic analysis: The native was running through Sa/Ve (2007 Dec - 2011 Feb) period during the time of question. Ve is the L6 and is placed in H9. So, the illness could be related to Leo or 9th sign (refer to Angas of Kalapurusha). Leo stands for abdomen.
Gochara analysis: I started from Sa. Sa gives diseases when he is in H4 (stomach problems). Next I checked Ju. Ju gives health problems when he transits H8. I checked for a period when these two happen, which turns out to be Sep 2009 - Dec 2009. So, I predicted stomach/abdomen related problems during the above-mentioned period. It turned out to be true.

Example-3: Problems at work. The native told me that his career was at an all-time low during Aug-Nov 2008 and wanted to me to verify if astrology confirms.
Horoscope: As, (Me), Ju, Su: Sg | Mo: Aq | Ra: Ta | Sa, Ma: Li | Ve, Ke: Sc
Basic analysis: The native was running through Sa/Ju period in 2008 Nov. Although Sa/Ju would give physical comforts like tasty food, nearness to family and rest in general, Ju is badhaka for H10 for Sg. So, there will be tensions at work place during this time.
Gochara analysis: I checked the planetary positions during Aug-Nov 2008. Checking the planetary configuration: Sa in H7 from natal Moon gives: wandering, trouble from authorities and quarrels with spouse (partners), Ve in H7 gives: Humiliation, disease, troubles, Ma in H8: Disease, imprisonment, illness, grief, Me in H7 gives: Quarrels, mental discomfort, addictions. After seeing these, I asked the native if he had fought with his manager/authorities during this period resulting in work tensions. He confirmed it.

PS: I will add more to this list later. There are a few horoscope for which my predictions using Gochara didn't work. I am trying to gather them too to study what could be my mistake. I will post them once I verify the details.

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