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Predicting siblings: Example set-2

Ex-4 (boy):
D-1: As: Le; Su,Ke: Vi; Me,Ve: Li; Sa: Sc; Mo: Sg; Ma: Cp; (Ju): Aq; Ra: Pi
D-1(B): Me,Su,Ke: 3; Sa, Ve: 4; Ma,Mo: 6; (Ju): 8; Ra: 9
D-3: As,Mo: Le; (Ju): Li; Ra: Sc; Ma: Cp; Me: Aq; Sa: Pi; Ke,Su: Ta; Ve: Ge

D-1: Ma is exalted in H6.
D-1(B): Note that L11 is in H3, which may indicate that this is the eldest brother. However, L11 is not alone and has Su along with him. So, this proposition can't be applied. Also, Mo in H6 may indicate that this the native is the eldest.
D-3: Since the As falls in odd sign, we count younger siblings in clockwise direction. Note that L3 is in H11 alone. So, this native can be the youngest of his siblings. So, let's move to elder siblings. 
First one corresponds to Ge. Ge is a masculine sign, owned by dual-natured planet Me, aspected by masculine, (Ju) and occupied by feminine, Ve. There is no malefic aspect whatsoever and Me is well placed in a friendly dual-natured sign. With my experience in the previous post that Me, especially, Ge indicates male issue, I'm predicting a male issue here.
Second one corresponds to Ar. Ar is a masculine sign, owned by masculine, Ma who is exalted and aspecting Ar. It's also aspected by (Ju). So, there is hardly any doubt about this issue being male. There is no indication that this issue is the eldest yet.
Third one corresponds to Aq. Aq is a masculine sign with dual-natured Me in it, the lord of Aq (Sa) is dual-natured and feminine, Mo aspects Aq. So, there are indications of a female issue here. I'm stopping here although there is no indication that this issue is the eldest. (Of course, the next issue clearly indicates being eldest).
Prediction: 3-4 Elder brothers and no younger siblings
Fact: 2 elder brothers and no younger siblings
Misc: The eldest brother of the native (corresponding to Ar in D-3), has Ju & Ma in *his* H1 as it is indicated. The second elder brother (middle one of the three) has Ju, Ve association in his (Ge) which happens to be *his* AL. Very interesting!

Ex-5 (girl):
D-1: As: Vi; Ma,Ke: Li; Sa,Me: Sc; Ve,Su: Sg; Ju: Cp; Ra: Ar; Mo: Cn
D-1(B): 2: Ma, Ke; 3:Sa; 4: Me, Su, Ve; 6:Ju: 8: Ra; 11: Mo
D-3: As, Ju: Vi; Ve: Sg; Ma,Ke: Aq; Sa: Pi; Su: Ar; Me,Mo: 11; Ra: Le

D-1: Mo is strong in own sign.
D-1(B): A strong Mo in H11 indicates possibility of having an elder sibling.
D-3: Since As is in an even sign, we count younger siblings anticlockwise. Note that the L1, Me is in H11, Cn (i.e. first sibling's house) indicating that the native may be the youngest. However, Me is not alone. So, we can't be sure from this. Since Mo is a feminine planet and the sign is feminine too, there is a probability of the issue being female. However, notice that there is Ju will be in H3 from this sign (which represents the elder siblings' place for Cn) indicating that this issue will be the eldest - this is a contradiction. So, I conclude that this issue doesn't exist. So, the native may not have any younger siblings.
Moving to elder siblings, one can note that H3 (Sc representing elder sibling) falls in a feminine sign owned by a male planet who is situated in a male sign. So, I would think that this is a male issue.
Next elder sibling corresponds to Cp. Since this is an even sign, Pi represents the elder brother for this issue. Since Sa, the lord of Cp, himself is in Pi, this issue has to be the eldest issue. 
Prediction: Elder brother, Elder brother, No younger siblings
Fact: 1 elder brother, no younger siblings.
Misc: I am not sure if the native's mother had a miscarriage or an abortion before her. There may be a chance since Sa has very less Ashtakavarga points in Pi. This horoscope indicates that although we have a respectable hit rate, there still are some unanswered questions. In future analyses, I'll make sure to take a look at D-3(B) and Ashtakavargaka points before concluding anything.

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