Saturday, February 20, 2010

Precautions to be taken by astrologers

This will be the longest and most updated post on this blog, I believe. It is because beginning astrologers tend to do a lot of mistakes out of curiosity. I did that a lot and learned from my mistakes. So, I thought I'd list here, some precautions that you must take, as an astrologer.

  • Do NOT consider generalizations as rules. For instance, Sagittarians (Asc) are a little tall or a little stout compared to others (generally!). Now, this doesn't mean that everyone who is tall *has* to be Sagittarian or every Sagittarian *must* be stout/tall.
  • Do NOT conclude something by just one evidence. I can't emphasize the importance of this statement enough. For instance, Jupiter in 11th house indicates that the person is the eldest son of his family. Moon in 1,2,6,8,10 houses indicates that the person will do the final rituals for (one of/both) his parents. Lord of first house in the 11th house indicates that the person is the eldest son in his family. There are a lot of such "pointers" that would indicate the native being the eldest son of his father/mother. If you don't verify a pointer with other such indications, then your predictions may go wrong very frequently bringing disgrace to astrology. So, it's of high importance for astrologers to look at the horoscope holistically before concluding anything. I can keep giving a thousand examples like this.
  • Do NOT look at a horoscope in hurry! Postpone studying it until you have at least 15 minutes. One must consider the strengths of planets, their positioning, divisional charts, gochara etc. before concluding anything about the horoscope. I normally take 30 minutes to conclude anything from a horoscope. Call me dumb or slow, but I don't rush to a conclusion before studying enough.
  • Do NOT generalize quickly. Two horoscopes may test positive for your proposition. That doesn't make the proposition a rule! So, refer to books, observe the experiences of other astrologers before concluding anything.
  • Do NOT look at horoscopes on new moon days and eclipse days. Please keep yourself tidy physically and mentally before looking at a horoscope. Please fill your mind with your Aaraadhyadaivam before taking a look at horoscope. It must be asserted that lack of a spiritual support would hinder the progress of an astrologer.
  • Do NOT reveal bad events like miscarriage, death, loss of babies/children, divorce even if the client asks you to be honest. That is against the ethics of astrology unconditionally. Exaggerate good in the horoscope and speak less about the bad.
  • Do NOT answer the queries of a person who doesn't believe in astrology. It's not the duty of an astrologer to prove the science. You are an astrologer because you believe in it. People are free to disbelieve it as long as they don't ill-treat you.
  • A very hard thing that is required for astrologers is: control over speech. Every word uttered should be with positive energy and no possible negative interpretation. An astrologer's word, when supported by spiritual power, can become true even by wrong calculations. So, each word must be uttered with utmost care. Trust me, it's hard to do this!
  • It is the fundamental ethic of an astrologer to keep the birth details and his observation of a horoscope to himself and the native. It is wrong both ethically and legally to divulge one's personal information to anyone else without one's permission.

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