Saturday, February 20, 2010

Acronyms/Notations in this blog

I am going to use acronyms to denote various entities in a chart. These are more or less the same as the ones used by Sri P V R Narasimha Rao. Here are they:
  • As: Ascendant
  • CL: Chandra Lagna (Moon sign)
  • AL: Arudha Lagna
  • UL: Upapada
  • D-1: Rasi Chakra, D-9: Navamsa chakra. D-2,D-3,...D-60 are self-explanatory.
  • D-1(B): Bhava Chakra
  • Hi: i-th house
  • Li: Lord of Hi
  • Ai: Arudha of i-th house
  • ALi: Lord of Li
  • Ci: i-th house from CL
  • CLi: Lord of Ci
  • Planets A and B are in X/Y relationship means that A is X signs away from B and B is Y signs away from A. Obviously, A+B = 14.
  • KR: Karakamsa Rasi


  • [HPA] Hindu Predictive Astrology by Dr. B V Raman
  • [VAAIA] Vedic Astrology - An Integrated Approach by Sri. P V R Narasimha Rao
  • [ACOA] A Catechism of Astrology by Dr. B V Raman
  • [JR] Jatakarahasyam by Vidvan Abbaraju Lakshminarasimharao

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